About Us

Welcome to BingePrints!

Our story begins back in 2012. Several artists who would attend a variety of Fan Conventions were looking to expand their fan base and sell their designs on t-shirts and mugs. We negociated bulk orders with several printing companies but the quality of the print or the materiel would always fall short. Annoyed and discouraged, we decided to take matters into our own hands and start our own printing company.

As our business grew, we knew that it was important to grow the business beyond Fan Conventions and offer our products worldwide. We invested in the best DTG printers on the market, Kornit,  to offer single shirt orders. By doing so, artists could simply send us their designs and they were provided with a purchase link that they could provide to their fans.

Over the last few years, our artists showed concern that they could not manage their inventory and were uneasy about social marketing. Following a mass meeting, a vote was made and it was decided that BingePrints would now officially handle all the orders, inventory and online retail marketing. Artists were now paid a commission for each sale and their products were shown all around the web and sold on the most popular platforms. In 2017 alone, we sold our products to over 100,000 different customers.

In July of 2018, many new artists reached out to us to see if they could join our group due to the quality of our prints and products. We then officially created a website for BingePrints to offer the possibility for artists to upload their designs to us. A new team was hired to take care of this new website and social media. The goal of this new website is to provide a new platform for our artists and to push their designs on social media. By having our own website, we now have less creative restraints and can now offer a great opportunity for artists to make some profit without having to handle the shipping, handling and customer service.

Join us and be part of a rapidly growing community!