Great news, we have opened our doors to artists everwhere! Bingeprints was started by artists for artists and we are excited to expand our services to you. If you have a design that you own and would like to sell online for commission, submit it below!


  • Artists get a $2 USD commisson on each sale paid monthly.
  • We will run ads with your designs to reach new customers
  • We will put your name on your designs to grow your fanbase.
  • We take care of everything! Printing, Shipping,Returns.


We like to keep things very simple. We use DTG technology so you can submit your designs in a 5400x4500 PNG file. Once the design is approved, we will contact you if needed. Please know that submitting Copyright or Trademark designs are at your own risk and we will be forced to pull them down if requested or reject the design. Please login to submit your designs so that we may track your sales to give your commission.